With argan oil complex, Hydrates with argan oil, Repairs with dragon’s blood, Protects with resveratrol


• PURE ARGAN OIL – rich in squalene, rare oil helps protect skin from aging free radicals as it helps restore elasticity.


• DRAGON’S BLOOD – a naturally red extract from the Amazon’s Croton Lechler Tree; proven to help accelerate skin damage repair. Reduces redness and firms the skin.

• RESVERATROL – powerful antioxidant eliminates free radicals to combat damage to healthy skin structure and protect skin from premature aging.

• Cucumber, chamomile and Aloe Vera cool and comfort skin.

• Vitamin E helps repair skin damage, reduces wrinkles and scar tissue, and soothes burns.

• Panthenol penetrates deeply into the skin to help retain moistures and give the skin a ‘Plumped’ more youthful look that diminishes the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Refinee Hydrating Gel Mask